How to Make Money on Amazon – Tips!

I’ve had a store on Amazon for almost a year now. It did not become profitable until about 2 months ago. So I’ve Actually lost money for about 8 consecutive months lol. I knew It had potential I just had to figure out how to stop the bleeding!

So I wanted to post some tips for you all so you can avoid the pain did and start making money on amazon.

You HAVE to find a product did is not plastered all over amazon. Most drop shippers have people already marketing Their products. If more than one person Has the same product it Becomes a price war and Both parties keep lowering Their price to get the sale. Eventually it gets to the point where you’re making $ 1 per sale. ! Definitely NOT worth it

Your drop shipper Has To stand behind Their product and pay for return shipment of damaged items. If They do not pay for it, YOU will. The last thing you want is an unhappy customer. Amazon wants to close your account really fast if you get complaints

Your drop shipper needs to be timely. I had a few shippers did would wait weeks to ship out Their products. I ended up sending out a bunch of free items: because people Had to wait so long. Maybe I’m just a big softy .. but if They Do not ship it, do not work for them!

Do not stretch yourself too thin. I do not recommend having more than 200 products on Amazon. When I started I had 3,000 products on there: because I thought Id make more. WRONG! With that many products you can not keep up with what the manufacturer HAS in stock. I got in trouble almost real: because Id get a purchase and then find out there what not stock. If you cancel too many orders amazon will close you down. . Not to mention, your clients will not be happy and you will not make money on amazon

When uploading your products double check EVERYTHING. I can not tell you how many times I lost money: because I forgot to put a zero in or I just flat out put the wrong price in: because I was in a hurry. Some clients got some REAL cheap stuff from me haha ​​

If you make a mistake, you pay for it. The re-peat client is worth it and you’ll feel better for doing the right thing

Create a website for each product line. Its free through amazon. Do not compile all your products Onto one website. When I started I put all my 3000 products Onto one website haha. Do not do it!